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Mark Deterline coaches top bike racers & endurance athletes in the Pacific Coast & Rocky Mountain regions,
including professional cyclist Flavia Oliveira.
Mark Deterline builds fully customized training
plans each week for clients ranging from elite
competitors to recreationalists, including male
and female cyclists of all ages active in road,
mountain bike, cyclocross and BMX.

Mark also works with distance runners,
triathletes, cross-country skiers, motocross
racers, and competitive boxers.
Mark has raced for and managed top Northern California elite
cycling teams since 2006. He founded prominent NorCal women's
and men's development program Fremont Bank Cycling Team,
co-founded Plan7-Brightface Cycling Team and helped launch
the DNA Cycling p/b Plan7 elite women's team. An extremely
savvy race tactician, he now competes as a key member of
Intermountain LiVe Well's elite squad.
Areas of expertise include coaching, mentoring, bike fit
(BikeFit Systems certified), biomechanics, performance testing,
aerodynamics (wind tunnel experience), as well as product
testing and research. Mark has worked extensively in the
European cycling markets and is fluent in five languages.
For more information regarding customized coaching plans,
bike fitting, biomechanics, and performance testing,
send inquiries to mark@2thefront.com.